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Moving bed

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Moving bed specifications:

Seedbed design width 1.7m, length 25m, height 0.75m, each span set 4 groups, a total of 24 groups.

A 20 * 40 * 1.5mm rectangular tube is used for the columns and beams of the seedbed. The aluminum alloy edge is used around the bed, and all the materials of the mesh are galvanized.

Material: high quality low carbon steel wire

Wire diameter 4.0mm /3.0mm

Mesh 120 mm x 25mm 130mm x 30mm 50mm x 50mm

Maximum size: 1.9m x 4m

The encrypted grid structure (20mm * 120mm) has a beautiful appearance and stronger intensity.

The structure of the moving bed:

Mobile seedbed is divided into three parts: support, rolling body, worktable.

1. seedbed scaffold material is galvanized steel pipe, corrosion resistant, seedbed net adopts hot-dip galvanized steel wire mesh.

2. the worktable of the seedbed can be fine-tuning at the height of the worktable

3. when the workbench is in the middle position, it can move 300mm to the left and right.

4. frame with aluminum alloy, light weight, corrosion resistance

5. mobile seedbed with anti turning limit device

6. mobile seedbed can improve land use in Greenhouse

Characteristics of moving bed:

1, manual drive, easy to operate, easy to move.

2. The frame of the seedbed is aluminum alloy, and the steel pipe and seedbed net of the support part are made of hot dip galvanizing process, which can be used for a long time under humid environment.

3, 300mm can be moved to the left and right, enabling the use area of greenhouse to reach 80%.

4, equipped with a limit anti roll device to prevent the tilt due to the weight.

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