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Seedbed net

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Seedbed net

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The seedbed nets are also called flower nets, flower nets, hot-dip galvanized nets, greenhouse seedbed nets, greenhouse seedbed nets and netting beds.

Wire diameter: 3.0mmX3.0mm, 3.2mmX3.5mm, 4mmX3.2.0mm

Network holes: 120mmX25mm, 130mmX30mm, 125mmX50mm

Maximum size: 1.9mX4m

Characteristics of process type:

1, galvanizing: beautiful, low cost;

2. Hot dip galvanizing: beautiful appearance, thick galvanized layer, strong corrosion resistance, ideal for greenhouse environment.

3, galvanized + electrostatic spray: beautiful appearance, double decker anticorrosive price moderate;

4, hot dip molding: the most beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance, especially suitable for greenhouse hot and humid environment.

5, stainless steel bright wire: welded, never rust, high cost.

Main purposes: Flower raising, grass planting, bonsai cultivation.

Effect: beautiful and generous, economical and practical, corrosion resistant, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant, non fading, smooth, durable and durable.

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