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Flower frame net

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Wire diameter 3.8/3.0mm

Mesh 120 mm X 25mm 130mmX30mm 50mmX50mm

Size: 1.9m X 4m

Anticorrosion treatment: galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing

The net surface is smooth, the welding is firm, the load-bearing property is good, the dimension is accurate, the installation and construction is convenient.

It has corrosion resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no fading, smooth surface, durable and durable.


1. The beautiful cost of electric galvanizing is low.

2. Hot galvanizing, beautiful galvanized layer, thick corrosion resistance is ideal for greenhouse environment.

3, galvanized + electrostatic spray appearance beautiful double decker anticorrosive price moderate;

4, hot dip plastic appearance beautiful, strong corrosion resistance, especially suitable for greenhouse hot and humid environment.

5, stainless steel bright wire welded, rust free, high cost.

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