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Fixed bed

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Product Name: fixed bed

Product material: hot-dip galvanized steel

Length: customizable

Diameter: weft 4.0/ by 3.0mm (custom-made by customer)

Mesh 120 mm X 25mm 130mmX30mm (arbitrary hole)

Maximum size: 1.7m X 4m

Surface treatment: anticorrosion treatment for hot-dip galvanizing

Product features: 1. The net surface of the fixed seedbed is smooth, the welding is firm, the load-bearing property is good, and the dimension is accurate.

2. The fixed seedbed is fully assembled, on-site installation and construction is convenient, and corrosion resistance is durable.

Product technology: the new type of reverse welding technology is used in all the fixed beds we produce to make the mesh more solid. The welding head is soldered on the warp line by single point. The quality is good and the use time is long.

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