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Greenhouse bed

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The greenhouse seedbed is also called flower net, flower net, hot-dip galvanized mesh and netting bed.

Material: low carbon steel wire

Wire diameter: 4.0/3.0mm

Mesh: 120 mm X 25mm 130mmX30mm 50mmX50mm

Maximum size: 1.9m X 4m.

Surface treatment of greenhouse bed net:

Galvanized and hot dip galvanized anticorrosive treatment has corrosion resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no fading, smooth surface, durable and durable.

It can also be combined with a better effect

1, galvanized products are beautiful, bright, low cost, corrosion resistance in general.

2. The surface of hot-dip galvanized products is bright, but the zinc coating is thick and corrosion resistance is strong.

3, galvanized + electrostatic spraying double protection products are not only beautiful appearance, but also have double deck anticorrosive, strong anti-corrosion ability, a few expensive is one of the recommended products.

4, hot dip galvanizing + dipping double layer protection of several treatment methods, the most beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, especially suitable for the greenhouse wet heat environment, but the price is high.

The effect of greenhouse seedbed net is beautiful, economical, practical, corrosion resistant, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant, and does not fade. Our factory supplies high-quality seedbed nets with long life and quality.

The main uses of greenhouse seedbed nets are planting flowers, planting grass plants, and planting flowers in bonsai.

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