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Tidal seedbed

Tidal seedbed irrigation

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Tidal irrigation system

1. concept of tidal irrigation

The tidal irrigation system (Ebb-and-flowsystem), which originated from the developed Holland, is an irrigation method designed for the nutrient solution cultivation and container breeding of potted plants. This method uses the principle of drop difference to realize regular water supply and fertilization. Tidal irrigation is especially suitable for cultivation and container seedling cultivation of potted flowers.

2. system composition of tidal irrigation

The tidal irrigation system is composed of 4 major parts: tidal irrigation bed, nutrient liquid circulation system (including nutrient pool, circulating water pump, pipeline, etc.), control system and cultivation container (planting basket).

3. working principle of tidal irrigation

The cultivation container (planting basket) with a reticulate pelvic floor is placed on the tidal irrigation bed, and the nutrient solution is pumped out from the nutrient pool with a special circulating water pump to the cultivation bed, and the depth of the cultivated bed is submerged about 20-30mm. After about 10-15min, the nutrient solution rises to the surface of the substrate in the cultivation container because of the capillary action, and then the nutrient solution is discharged to make it again The nutrient solution can also be extracted when other cultivation beds need water. Tidal irrigation and nutrient film irrigation (NFT) also have the equipment to adjust the pH value of nutrient solution and various nutrient concentrations. However, it is easy to increase the filtration system in order to avoid excessive contamination of nutrient solution due to the falling of foreign matter such as branches and leaves and substrates.

4. advantages of tidal irrigation:

1. Tidal irrigation has a water-saving, efficient and completely closed system cycle, which can achieve more than 90% water and fertilizer use efficiency.

2. The growth rate of crops under tidal irrigation is fast, and the seedling age at least 1 days per week is higher than that of traditional seedling raising.

3. The tidal irrigation method avoids the production of water film on the leaf surface of plants, so that the leaves receive more light and photosynthesis, so that the transpiration can absorb more nutrients from the root.

4. Tidal irrigation can provide a stable moisture content of the root matrix and prevent the capillary root from dying near the edge and bottom of the container.

Tidal irrigation can control relative humidity easily, keep leaf dry and reduce the use of chemicals.Tidal irrigation beds are very dry without weeds and can reduce the growth of fungi.

Tidal irrigation can reduce the cost of management. Even by the management of the nutrient solution by manual operation, one can also complete the irrigation of the 0.2h or left and right Tray Seedlings in the 20-30min.

Tidal irrigation can be used at any time, free from varieties, specifications and time limits.

In order to ensure good irrigation effect, tidal irrigation system has strict requirements for the working face of the cultivation bed, and it is necessary to ensure that the water can flow freely in the irrigation area. Similarly, when the irrigation is completed, the excess water in the cultivation container must be reclaimed from the cultivation bed, that is, from the cultivation container to the liquid return tank. The surface of the cultivated bed must be very horizontal in order to ensure that the water is well irrigated in the irrigated domain - making the matrix in all the cultivated containers humidified at the same time, and the excess water is recovered at the same time.

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