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Tidal seedbed

Tidal bed panel

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1. selection of the size of the seedbed

    At present, the size of the international tidal bed box is 4550mm*1690mm (long * width), which is the 4.55 meter *1.7 meter bed which we often say. Therefore, the length of a single seedbed should be a multiple of 4.55 meters in the design of the seedbed, and the width should be a multiple of 1.7 meters, which can make the seedbed with the highest rate of use and no waste area. According to the plane map above the plan The design of the seedbed is two specifications of 1.7m*18m and 1.7m*22.5m.

2. seedbed configuration

    The greenhouse has 37 seedbeds of 1.7m*18.2m, 31 seedbeds of 1.7m*22.75m, and the seedbed area is: flat rice. The number of beds that can be placed in tidal beds is 303. The number of points that can be placed is 14544.

3. characteristics of tidal bed

    The main structure is made of aluminum alloy frame, and the skeleton adopts the whole hot galvanizing process. It can move a long distance and fine tune in the high direction. It is beneficial to the accurate control of the water level by tidal irrigation, and has the anti turning limit device to prevent the skew caused by the weight. It is possible to produce about 0.6 meters of operation passageway between any two seedbeds. The maximum bearing load of seedbed design is 40kg/. This seedbed is specially designed for tidal irrigation system.

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