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Tidal seedbed

Tidal seedbed

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Tidal seedbeds can be divided into ground tide bed and seedbed tide bed.

    The tide seedbed is a bed with plastic structure. Its bed is made of plastic tide plate. It is also called bottom irrigation bed. This kind of tidal irrigation moving bed is basically the same vertical column and support as the commercialized metal structure cultivation bed, and the bed surface is molded with the impermeable plastic plate. When irrigation, the seedling plate is filled with water or nutrient solution, and makes it stay for a certain time so that the crop can absorb water through the drainage hole at the bottom of the flower pot by the action of capillary. After that, irrigation water is drained out of the cultivation bed, or collected or reused or directly drained into the local sewer.

    Tidal irrigated moving bed is an advanced irrigation method designed for pot plant nutrient solution cultivation, container breeding and soil free cultivation, which is designed for bottom water supply. This method realizes the timing water supply and fertilization by the principle of drop. A large number of experimental studies at home and abroad have shown that the growth of the crops with tidal irrigation is obviously better than that of artificial irrigation, which can not only reduce the occurrence of gangrene leaves and wrinkles, but also reduce the water consumption by 33% and increase the water use efficiency of 40%. Because tidal irrigation has no shower effect, it can also reduce nitrogen use by 30%~35% and greatly improve nitrogen use efficiency.

    The equipment for recycling and reuse of nutrient solution for tidal irrigation is composed of nutrient circulation system, operation control system, disinfection system and aeration device.

Two. The advantages of the moving bed system of tidal irrigation:

    1. Tidal irrigated moving bed is a mature agricultural irrigation technology, which has been widely used in developed countries. It has solved the contradiction between irrigation and oxygen supply, and irrigation basically does not destroy the matrix "three phase" structure. It is a highly efficient and high-energy agricultural technology, which is also in the development stage of extensive use in China.

    2, water efficient, completely closed system cycle, can achieve 90% utilization rate;

    3, plant growth is faster, and the seedling age is 1 days ahead of the traditional seedling raising mode.

    4, avoid the production of water film on the leaf surface, allowing the leaves to receive more light and photosynthesis, so that the transpiration force can absorb more nutrients from the roots.

    5. Stabilize the moisture content of the root medium to prevent the capillary root from dying near the edge and bottom of the container.

    6. Relative humidity is easy to control, keep the leaves dry and reduce the use of chemical drugs.

    7. There is no weed growth under the bed, and the growth of fungi is reduced because the beds are very dry.

    8, the management cost is reduced. No matter manual operation or assistance is controlled by microcomputer controller, a person can complete the irrigation of 0.2~0.5ha. plug seedlings in 20-30min.

    9, can be used at any time, not subject to variety, specification and time limit.

    10, the general method of sprinkling irrigation makes each plant absorb fertilizer and water unevenly, make the rate of finished product drop, and the rate of finished product is high, and the production is standardized, and the height of each plant is uniform and the quality is guaranteed.

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