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    Hebei Tong Pu Wire Mesh Co., Ltd., founded in 2015.

    Through the years of unremitting efforts, the company has registered funds of 3 million, and the contact telephone number is 18903285198.

    The company's address is located in the Hebei Chengdong Development Zone, Anping County, where transportation is convenient. Hebei Tong Pu metal wire mesh Co., Ltd. owns the bankHigh quality products, professional sales and after-sales technical team!

    Hebei Tong Pu wire mesh Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the "hometown of Chinese silk screen" - Anping, Hebei.

A high-tech modern enterprise integrating seedbed processing and sales of steel grate. The main production of the company: the seedbedNet, mobile seedbed, tidal seedbed, nursery bed, greenhouse seedbed, galvanized seedbed, seedbed accessories, greenhouse seedbed,Fixed seedbed, flower seedbed, seedling nursery, seedbed mesh, simple seedbed, greenhouse spray tank, flower rack net, seedling raising Our products are widely used in flower raising, grass planting and bonsai.Cultivation and other fields.

    At present, our company already has very perfect organization, high technology management mode, professional and technical personnel and advanced.There are nearly ten engineers and strong technical force. We have professional workshop, advanced technology and complete product quality.The quantity control system, we set up the quality inspection point, equipped with the testing personnel, in the measurement means and quantity and so on.Strict requirements are required to ensure the reliability of the product.

    We always aim at "good quality, prompt delivery, reasonable price and good service".Household service. And is in line with "quality survival, reputation and development" production principle, won the vast number of new and old customers.

Good praise. Our company is well-equipped, advanced in technology, scientific in internal management and sound in quality assurance system.

    Honesty, good reputation, trusted by new and old customers.Hebei Tong Pu Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is highly recognized by the 

industry for its integrity, strength and product quality. JoyousWelcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate 


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